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The Gerb's Tech Blog the electronic/robotic stuff (with Arduini, PICs etc) is now here..

the ongoing adventures of Linux and the Thinkpads will move to a page of its own, some day..!

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18:13 17/03/2015

The Red Cross are often the first people around after a cyclone.. The Vanuatuans are being helped after Cyclone Pam; give them some money!!

21:11 25/11/2014

Arduino Day 2015 Next Year,Save the date for Arduino Day 2015: Saturday 28th of March

10:06 27/06/2014

added link to John Boxall's new electronics shop site..tronixlabs.com. A brave move in an increasingly competitive market. John's reputation will garner him many customers, I'm sure.
The great cleanup has commenced, but is proceeding slowly [too much stuff, not enough room, bad leg..]

12:14 16/04/2014

Microview - a tiny Arduino device with a built in display!! another Marcus and Maddy project that I am backing in a small way!

13:25 28/03/2014

Tomorrow is Arduino Day!!!! Arduino Day 2014

19:33 12/03/2014

The Web is 25 years old today!!!

The UT803 DMM I bought on eBay as "not going" was not fixable after some investigation. It needs a new Main board as the special DMM chip (Cyrustek ES51986A) appears to have lost its magic smoke...

14:56 23/02/2014

Checked Wayback Machine and triggered the slurping of Kanga!!
I think the faulty TDS1012 DSO that I got on eBay may be completely resurrectable - Everthything works bar Ch 1 display, which may be an offset problem; have to do some SMD component checking..The manual suggests possible power supply issues, but it seems OK...

13:05 04/09/2013

added link to John Boxall's informative site on electronics..Tronixstuff

19:08 06/07/2013

css tweaks...

23:06 05/07/2013

just noticed a bad link for Goldilocks project! fixed..

14:18 12/05/2013

Updated the css file to centre the page contents on smartphone/widescreen browsing. Should have done it ages ago..

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