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The Gerb's Tech Blog the electronic/robotic stuff (with Arduini, PICs etc) is now here..

the ongoing adventures of Linux and the Thinkpads will move to a page of its own, some day..!

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10:06 27/06/2014

added link to John Boxall's new electronics shop site..tronixlabs.com. A brave move in an increasingly competitive market. John's reputation will garner him many customers, I'm sure.
The great cleanup has commenced, but is proceeding slowly [too much stuff, not enough room, bad leg..]

12:14 16/04/2014

Microview - a tiny Arduino device with a built in display!! another Marcus and Maddy project that I am backing in a small way!

13:25 28/03/2014

Tomorrow is Arduino Day!!!! Arduino Day 2014

19:33 12/03/2014

The Web is 25 years old today!!!

The UT803 DMM I bought on eBay as "not going" was not fixable after some investigation. It needs a new Main board as the special DMM chip (Cyrustek ES51986A) appears to have lost its magic smoke...

14:56 23/02/2014

Checked Wayback Machine and triggered the slurping of Kanga!!
I think the faulty TDS1012 DSO that I got on eBay may be completely resurrectable - Everthything works bar Ch 1 display, which may be an offset problem; have to do some SMD component checking..The manual suggests possible power supply issues, but it seems OK...

13:05 04/09/2013

added link to John Boxall's informative site on electronics..Tronixstuff

19:08 06/07/2013

css tweaks...

23:06 05/07/2013

just noticed a bad link for Goldilocks project! fixed..

14:18 12/05/2013

Updated the css file to centre the page contents on smartphone/widescreen browsing. Should have done it ages ago..

13:58 15/04/2013

Goldilocks project is a new variant of the Arduino under development and will be protyped by Freetronics. Goldilocks = Arduino Uno + 1284p + ┬ÁSDCard is the abbreviated description. John Boxall [Tronixstuff] likes the idea, I have put in $$ to support the Pozible project, and will be keen to see the real thing in July.

20/08/2012 10:38:34

Geoff's Easy Software is a neat eBay bidding application for Windows; I have tried it, gives that last minute edge when bidding!
Geoff also does iPhone and Laptop repairs/support up there north of Newcastle in NSW..

11/08/2012 11:19:31

The side links are now "div" ised properly.. now to work on some Arduino LED driver stuff..

30/11/2011 12:10:26

Umm, forgot to update the side links!! must fix stuff...

20/11/2011 18:57:08

If you haven't tried LibreOffice - get it now! Free, open - works...
busy, exams.

12/02/2011 10:42:32

The Thinkpad's problem was related to an obscure Win 7 issue fixed by a requestable MS HotFix, it had me going round in circles on my Laptop - couldn't connect to Samba shares or see them at all after an update, did a system restore rollback, it came good for a while then the shares vanished again. the XP virtual machine shares worked fine. Applying the hotfix got rid of hundreds of hidden network devices (6to4 virtual adaptors). They were being created each time Win 7 was restarted. When the hotfix was applied, it fixed the problem instantly after a reboot.

31/01/2011 09:53:51

Sigh, anoth hot day (over 39 Celsius)... The Thinkpad L512, after a Win 7 driver update, refused to see our Samba servers! After a System Restore to undo the driver changes, everything worked again..odd.
I must organise the Ardunii and their brethren. There are far too many breadboards and their associated plugpacks lying about..

02/11/2010 18:04:51

Cup Day - replaced Xerox 8400 front door assy - the paper feed door kept flopping open, because the plastic latches were bent. Works OK now. Must do more clearing out of bits on eBay.
The Asus laptop has found a new home up north. The R61 was replaced with a new Lenovo L512 Thinkpad, which as it has more grunt that my desktop machine has, is now replacing Eeyore as the machine of choice. It has the Thinkpad nipple - much better than the slidey pad thing; on the desk, a wireless mouse plugs in nicely.

19/08/2010 3.14 PM

The new server cabinet is very handy for parking things on top; have to leave some breathing space for the servers! Have a folding plastic table from Bunnings now as a small workbench; it frees up a lot of deskspace..Fixed the timing on the Phaser 8400 printer which was causing paper jams and ink buildup on the drum during duplex printing; just a small gear adjustment.

06/06/2010 3.18 PM

All our 1U small servers, (finally replaced all the existing boxen) have been mounted in a brand new 19" Rack cabinet with doors, 1m high. The noise from fans has decreased considerably! Must clean up and build shelves - the cardboard boxes are taking over!!.

13/04/2010 10:56 PM

The Gerb's web server is now on a proper 1U small server. Wallace has moved to Kanga on another 1U server. The server migration is now complete, now to do other stuff..

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