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16:14 04/05/2022

Another long break, the covid hit around here a few weeks ago, but no major consequences (yet). Trying to get back into it once all the housekeeping is upto date..

11:47 25/08/2021

The leg injury is taking much longer to heal up, than expected...various approaches to programming the PiCO boards, Using MicroPython through Thonny IDE and Using the Arduino IDE which has been updated to support the PiCO processor RP2040. Tried both, the Arduino one look more practical for me.

Still in Covid lockdown (no. 6), so have to make doing with remote purchasing.

17:50 17/06/2021

Weel, that's a big gap in writing stuff up! I got some Raspberry Pi PiCO boards from LittleBird recently, while recovering from an accidental fall that damaged my left leg and foot (my fault, tripped over a cable on the floor...) and had a little play with the PiCO; neat, smaller than Arduino's and ARM powered...

16:47:44 16/02/2021

The OLEDs arrived last Friday; they are very clear and bright green - remarkably similar to the Vishay units I got from Element 14...

I am writing from the shed, where it is hot and humid, waiting on the 3D printer to finish a job..

14:55 15/01/2021

waiting on some more 8x2 OLED displays for my ArduPSU boards..

Some Arduino history..Hernando Barragan of Wiring fame wrote an arduino history from his perspective when the legal argy-bargy betweeen different groups claiming to be the 'true' Arduino is here

16:58 20/11/2020

Well, that was a long unscheduled break!! What with covid-19, bushfires , etc., we then got the NBN on 20 May last which broke everything! After a lot of stuffing about, we now have proper connectivity again!

More on Ardustuff soon..ArduPSU is going OLED!

more stuff to come

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