This is my Delphi page, It (Delphi) is about one of the best development environments for Win32/64 and other environments around.


late 2017: I moved to Delphi XE 7 and stopped after that - the latest owner of the Delphi stable, Embarcadero have moved to an expensive subscription model and extended the supported environment to OSX, IoS, Linux(??), Android etc.. No doubt it will prosper, but I am unlikely to use it much. Lazarus and FPC are making inroads into the old simpler Delhi market..Time will tell.

Upgraded to BDS 2006 (Delphi 10); works nicely, does win32, dotNET, C#, C/C++. CodeGear (Borland IDE company) have announced Delphi for PHP: Is Delphi for Ruby coming?? Please, please...

Turbo is back! Borland have announced that Turbo Delphi will be out soon!

Borland released DiamondBack (Delphi 9?) - judging from the info on BDN, it is very much further along the .NET road. Will it be fun to use though??

Update: Borland have released doco for D8 as PDF's - after customer feedback, good on'em! Delphi 8 (Octane) has been released to the world, and my upgrade from D7pro has arrived. I must admit I haven't been wildly impressed; No doco (even as PDFs)- it's all MS Help files these days. There isn't much on the web about D8 yet. Tested a conversion of an existing D7 project that compiled OK, but it crashed and burned: haven't found out why yet. Still it's early days. I have tried the new CBuilderX; a very nice tool indeed. Maybe D8 is transitional like D6 was.