This is my Borland Delphi page, where I will be moving all my assorted links, snippets, etc., It is about one of the best development environments for Win32 around.


Upgraded to BDS 2006 (Delphi 10); works nicely, does win32, dotNET, C#, C/C++. CodeGear (Borland IDE company) have announced Delphi for PHP: Is Delphi for Ruby coming?? Please, please...

Turbo is back! Borland have announced that Turbo Delphi will be out soon!

Borland released DiamondBack (Delphi 9?) - judging from the info on BDN, it is very much further along the .NET road. Will it be fun to use though??

Update: Borland have released doco for D8 as PDF's - after customer feedback, good on'em! Delphi 8 (Octane) has been released to the world, and my upgrade from D7pro has arrived. I must admit I haven't been wildly impressed; No doco (even as PDFs)- it's all MS Help files these days. There isn't much on the web about D8 yet. Tested a conversion of an existing D7 project that compiled OK, but it crashed and burned: haven't found out why yet. Still it's early days. I have tried the new CBuilderX; a very nice tool indeed. Maybe D8 is transitional like D6 was.

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