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Electronics and test gear etc..

12:29 29/12/2017

Things have moved on since 2007! Arduino and the Raspberry Pis are all the rage now. I have hand built some Arduini for projects; see Ardubot web

I got a lot of Tek 465M-AN/USM-425(V)1: 100MHz 2 channel analog cro's on eBay, in varying states of goingness..: got 4 good ones out of 7 units; got a good Tek 2430 out of 2 clunkers

Had a TAS465 for a bit (nice machine) then got a Tek 2465B (400MHz, 4 channel) great machine! Eventually, tried several cheap DSO's, finally replaced them with a Rigol DS2200A DSO (200Mhz, 2 ch, extra protocol decoding options)

6/01/2007 7:10 PM

I have been collecting some interesting bits and pieces. After hearing about a colleagues sucess with the Atmel line of processors; I am going to try the 90S8535 as part of a kit from Futurlec

My Ebay buy of a Tek 442 for bits was fortuitous; it is going and in better condition than my original machine!

Must have a serious cleanout in the shed!!

Make Magazine - interesting DIY techno slant - a valiant effort to reverse the general slide into techno-ignorance in the USA particularly..