Linux/Open Source

Places to go:

These are well worth looking at...this page needs a spruce up!

OSNews new and reviews of OS's from everywhere...

Sourceforge the fount of many OpenSource projects

Slashdot a free for all partly moderated site that discusses everything where there is a severe OpenSource bias!

Ubuntu - the Debian based distro that is sweeping the world!! I am now using it for everything!! - It may well induce XP owners to consider a move from the 'dark side' i.e. not Vista!

Debian My favourite has now changed to Linux Mint (derived from Ubuntu out of Debian..) but Ubuntus is the distro on our servers - we install it and it just goes and goes etc..

Slackware is one of the oldest distros around: I started with the 0.99 release on a 386sx long ago. machine years ago, and the ZipSlack version still runs on old hardware.

Linux Format; a UK magazine with a wealth of software on DVD/CDs every month. Good reviews and great tutorials on stuff.

more soon..