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This page is about Ruby - an Object Oriented scripting language (from Japan, and now everywhere) derived from Perl and similar (a bit) to Python. I will be adding more Ruby snippets, links (there is a links page now) etc soon.


Now that there is Delphi for PHP, please, please, CodeGear: do Delphi for Ruby!! VCL4Ruby for starters on SourceForge...

A PDF of Ruby: Things to Know....

Getting Started with Ruby - a good place to start...

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an exciting method of building active websites/web database query applications etc. I have tried the InstantRails version on an XP laptop and it works like a charm!

There are a number of books available on implementing Rails, including "Ruby for Rails" by David Black. It is a good intro to Rails' 'engine' - Ruby.

Rails Quick Reference (html)

Ruby and Robotics

not much yet, have only found a brief reference to coding for Lego(tm) MindStorm's control 'bricks'. There may be other stuff out there..