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15:25 30/01/2019

testing local jquery live..

16:15 15/01/2019

The JQuery stuff works! It makes life easier for global changes for the menus, etc..

17:18 13/01/2019

tweak the side menu a bit.. looking at changes...using jQuery

19:24 26/12/2018

On Xmaxx day, got to try Rooney's new single malts; an old Talisker and a Macallan Enigma, both excellent drops! (didn't have any other alcohol all day.) However, when we eventually got home, half the front fence had fallen into the street; required all of us to heave it on to the front lawn (such as it is..). Now we really need a new fence!

14:24 16/12/2018

The Prusa i3 needed new plastic parts to accommodate 8mm leadscrews for the Z axis steppers; the original M5 threaded rod kept binding..

08:39 08/05/2018

Construction of the Sintron Prusa i3 variant is underway; the supplied instructions are of very limited value..I am using previous experience with my old RepRap Prusa Mendel built here.

I have hacked up a Mk8 style direct drive extruder to go in the new printer.

12:04 18/04/2018

ardubot page just updated (Pictiva display..)

The little Duinotech 3D printer is still giving trouble with levelling (and wonky Z axis limit switching!). I am looking at a Prusa i3 kit unit..

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