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08:39 08/05/2018

Construction of the Sintron Prusa i3 variant is underway; the supplied instructions are of very limited value..I am using previous experience with my old RepRap Prusa Mendel built here.

I have hacked up a Mk8 style direct drive extruder to go in the new printer.

12:04 18/04/2018

ardubot page just updated (Pictiva display..)

The little Duinotech 3D printer is still giving trouble with levelling (and wonky Z axis limit switching!). I am looking at a Prusa i3 kit unit..

12:52 29/12/2017

pages are getting updated (finally!)

didn't get to try any Macallan Ruby whisky this Xmas...(sad..) came home from Xmaxx dinner at sister-in-law's house and finished the last skerrick of the Oban 15yo (happy!)

6:35 PM 3/12/2017

The Prusa Mendel i2 was finished some time back; it worked sort of, but needs more work - it has been consigned to the shed, while the RAMPS card stepper drivers are updated

10:56 13/06/2017

finally getting close to finishing my Prusa Mendel i2 3D printer! the RAMPS/Arduino Mega combo works and the steppers are OK: now to setup the print bed and heater..

14:04 23/04/2017

just server checking..not much news of late..

10:05 27/12/2016

I hope you all had a really great xmas day and aren't under the weather too much. I got to try my sister-in-law's husband's Macallan Ruby single malt!! simply magnificent drop!

17:35 1/11/2016

Now https! we have SSL certs from letsencrypt.org for gerbilator.org and cottagecomputers.com.au/net.au domains!

15:25 28/08/2016

more samba tweaking post upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS...EmEditor tweak

14:27 7/08/2016

Weekly server fettling.. just checking this web service.

8:48 PM 11/05/2016

Linux Mint, a friendly Ubuntu-based linux distro is my Linux desktop of choice! Try it today as a Live CD. They need funding to keep the good work, so donations are gratefully accepted!

6:24 PM 8/01/2016

The wordpress Gerb's Tech Blog site has been redone..new post.

12:11 PM 3/01/2016

all external blogs/sites/social media have been deleted where possible..

there may be new content at some time in the future.

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