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18:54 09/05/2021

Dealing with climate change denier/delayers; this comic presentation is interesting...

18:18 22/04/2021

The house phone finally works; Voip still a bit wonky, but minor problem. it can be lived with. The only modem/router device that works properly (for us) is the TPLink VR1600v...

12:33 22/01/2021

updated Cassandra's business from FB to Crak'd Organics (see side menus)

01:06 15/11/2020

just a quick menu update..

16:17 01/11/2020

we have successfully renewed our Let's Encrypts certs!

08:52 31/10/2020

And we're back on the intertubes, due to the great efforts of the folk at NewSprout!!!

18:30 14/07/2020

now doing self-signed certs to support https; mainly to appease Firefox...

since all our ssl certs expired and I can't renew them; have to rebuild apache on bungalow to serve plain http pages, but bloody firefox keeps trying to load expired stuff...

13:24 03/06/2020

nobody outside our own [] IP network will see anything here since 20 May last when the NBN (FTTC) arrived at 1130am and broke everything (the ADSL2+ was working just fine until then), iiNet unable/unwilling to fix it. Now working with Telstra to restore the phones, connect us properly to NBN, and advertise a route from the internet back to us again..

This may take a while; the Telstra guy said 6-8 weeks; they have very few staff left in offices, many are working from home, and there is a backlog.. keeping my fingers crossed..

15:53 02/06/2020

one of my nephews has started a design business: GherkinPress I hope it goes well for him, following the rest of his enterprising and artistic family!

17:20 11/05/2020

the latest bezel has M2.5 tappable standoffs, writing on the front, and M3 screwholes in the corners with recess space for pan-head screws..

just waiting on the print to finish..

16:13 07/05/2020

got the standoff positions right for the DMC20481 bezel! made some more of my home-brew boxes in different colours. Must move the radio in the shed DAB+ signal very weedy, lots of dropouts

17:10 04/05/2020

yet another revision [5.4]; didn't allow enough space when doing the standoffs (out by 1mm on Y axis). another print is happening now..grrr.

15:25 04/05/2020

We have had a serious preview of winter for the past 4 or 5 days; it isn't actually raining at present, but very cold for early May. Despite that, the Ender 5 keeps on trucking, finished a 16 hour print this morning (one of my screw trays). Now doing a new revision [5.3] of the LCD bezel with increased height, to remove the 1mm gap when fitted to the matching box..

Now to do OpenSCAD designs for bezels for other models of displays...

18:47 22/04/2020

got all the standoffs in exactly the right place, hooray, in iteration 5.1. It (the LCD) fits perfectly..

Might look at a box to match..

16:25 21/04/2020

now printing iteration 3 of the LCD bezel; adjustments to standoff positions..

My LCD Bezel iteration 2


11:58 21/04/2020

still printing things on the Ender 5, the latest is a home OpenSCAD coded LCD bezel with mounting standoffs for the Winstar WH1602A LCD; none of the thingiverse ones fitted! Meanwhile, the Y axis plastic bed on the old Duinotech has warped and appears to be cracked! May be time to salvage the parts for a different design..

Frank is working on a convenient program to automate zipping and unzipping stuff: DLMUP project

The lockdown continues...

10:00 27/03/2020

The Ender 5 has been printing up a storm! ran a multi item print yesterday, took 9 hours, but the items were really well made..Today, I am making some of Geoff's 1mm screwdriver handles. The coronaviruses keep on doing their virussy thing..

13:22 25/03/2020

the Ender 5 is running a print as we speak...Hooray!

10:22 23/03/2020

good site with coronavirus/Covid-19 stats worldwide..

15:27 19/03/2020

Hooray!, my Creality Ender 5 printer arrived today; now to clear enough space to assemble/test it!

13:03 10/03/2020

finally ironed the bugs out of the GerbClock code; DS1307 data reading..

21:38 24/02/2020

a belated replacement for old blogger blog: Woozle Words. It will be the non-tech stuff.

2:17 PM 9/02/2020

This is being edited with EmEditor, nice text editor from Japan, can't seem to open another file when split window is enabled; probably a tricky key combo; EmEditor opens a new undocked window..

15:34 04/02/2020

nearly finished converting my Hurricane canless air blower to LiIon cells (3 x 18650 salvaged from dead laptop battery); just have to wire up the cell charger cable for the balanced charger.

Tronixlabs.com (John Boxall's online store) has closed down; a pity they had some interesting gear, be interesting to see what John does next..

16:53 22/01/2020

Have just finished 'updating' our windows 7 boxes (which worked just fine, until MS eol patches started to mess things up!) to Windows 10 (aargh...) To be sure, the upgrades now work reasonably well, (they bloody well ought to, MS have had enough time to fix them!) and on machines with moderate grunt and a _lot_ of RAM, Win 10 seems to work ok. O&O software's ShutUp10 has calmed the more frenetic spyware components down - tip o' the hat to Geoff Cohen for that suggestion!

10:55 03/01/2020

I get where this guy is coming from..

08:51 03/01/2020

interesting: Thought it was a minor bug with jquery, now I think its Firefox refusing to update includes if index.html or other calling pages aren't updated..

10:55 11/10/2019

for those of a technical bent..please look at ardubot for updates on my pictiva interface project..

09:33 20/09/2019

No less than The Economist are weighing in on climate change! BTW, it was the hottest September night in Melbourne last night (min 20.1C) since 1999!

10:18 21/06/2019

Today is the winter solstice; it's really cold outside (12C) but this infographic from showyourstripes.info is a graphic representation of global warming - temperature averages in Australia from 1901 to 2018. A sobering picture..

its getting hotter in Oz!

data source for graphic: Annual average temperatures for Australia from 1901-2018 using data from Berkeley Earth.

BoM have shown a gradual upgrade in minimum and maximum daily temperatures since 1970 on the ABC nightly weather forecast...

15:33 19/06/2019

We've all had the flu, despite having flu injections! (Influenza A) should be over it soon..

18:56 21/05/2019

there is a link on the side menu to Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools site..love the amazing stuff that people use for real work!

15:25 30/01/2019

testing local jquery live..

16:15 15/01/2019

The JQuery stuff works! It makes life easier for global changes for the menus, etc..

17:18 13/01/2019

tweak the side menu a bit.. looking at changes...using jQuery

19:24 26/12/2018

On Xmaxx day, got to try Rooney's new single malts; an old Talisker and a Macallan Enigma, both excellent drops! (didn't have any other alcohol all day.) However, when we eventually got home, half the front fence had fallen into the street; required all of us to heave it on to the front lawn (such as it is..). Now we really need a new fence!

14:24 16/12/2018

The Prusa i3 needed new plastic parts to accommodate 8mm leadscrews for the Z axis steppers; the original M5 threaded rod kept binding..

08:39 08/05/2018

Construction of the Sintron Prusa i3 variant is underway; the supplied instructions are of very limited value..I am using previous experience with my old RepRap Prusa Mendel built here.

I have hacked up a Mk8 style direct drive extruder to go in the new printer.

12:04 18/04/2018

ardubot page just updated (Pictiva display..)

The little Duinotech 3D printer is still giving trouble with levelling (and wonky Z axis limit switching!). I am looking at a Prusa i3 kit unit..

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